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Title: Factors affecting occupational safety and health management system: special reference to cement industries at the Mandalay industry zone in Myanmar
Authors: Nwe, Hla Lay
Keywords: Myanmar
Safety and Health
Health Management System
Cement Factories
Issue Date: 10-Jul-2017
Publisher: Department of Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Oluvil, Sri Lanka.
Citation: Thesis, Faculty of Management and Commerce, 2017.
Abstract: ‘The purpose of this research is to provide the protection of workplace safety and health in the cement factory. A systematic way of managing workplace safety and health is very important for all employees in the cement factory. It is generally considered that the factors of occupational safety and health management system not only reduces loss and cost of accidents and diseases, but it also improves the performance and efficiency of employees as well as organizations. The research was focused to analyze the relationship of factory related factors, human-related factors, and occupational safety and health management system in the industries. To carry out this survey 150 samples were selected for this research by using a simple random sampling technique. This research was used a quantitative method for collecting data in five cement factories of head/managers/supervisors and workers. The tools used for this research were percentage analysis, chi-square, descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression analysis. The results indicate the respondents in average satisfaction to all the facts pertaining to independent factors are factory related factors at a mean value 0% 3.66 and standard deviation of 0.508, and human related factors at a mean value of 3.44 and standard deviation of 0.663 to ail the facts pertaining to dependent factors is occupational safety and health management system a mean value of 3.84 and a standard deviation of 0.448. Further, factory related factors and occupational safety and health management system and the Pearson Correlation using 4-tail test at r = 0.567, and p<0.01 which states that there would be positive significant relationship. In addition, human-related factors and occupational safety and the health management system was at r = 0.526, 0.01 significant level which indicates that there is a positive relationship between these two factors. The findings show that the relationship between factory related factors, human-related ‘factors and occupational safety and health management system were an area concerned with protecting and reduction about workplace safety and health, welfare and facilities of all employees engaged in work or employment in the cement factory. The research provided insight into workplace protection about workplace safety and health for all employees regarding OSHMS procedures and, Managing and OSH management in cement factories at the Mandalay Industrial Zone in Myanmar.
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