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Title: Impact of demographic factors on consumer attitudes toward organic foods (special reference in Colombo District)
Authors: Hilal, M. I. M
Kaushitha, K. P. A
Keywords: Organic Foods
Purchase Intention
Health Concern
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SEUSL
Abstract: In the recent past years so many food trends have emerged. Organic food was the mostpopular trend among them. Especially consumers in developed countries like Europe,America, and Australia shows higher level of interest and attitudes toward purchasingof organic foods than consumers in less developed countries.The researcher concludes with so many findings with this study. According to theFindings because of health concern more consumers have positive attitudes towardorganic food purchasing than conventional foods. And also modern day consumersattend to think about environment friendliness, because of that they have more positiveattitudes toward organic foods. In the present day market people give value to thequality of the product. So because of nutritional quality of organic foods moreconsumers have positive attitudes toward organic foods. But some findings shows mixattitudes toward organic food purchasing.This study conducted in Colombo district of Sri Lanka has investigated the factorsdetermining purchase intention organic foods based on the data collected from 120respondents. After collecting information through a questioner, all data have analyzedby SPSS Software version 20.0 and Microsoft Excel. The study predicts the purchaseintention of consumers based on the influences of factors like health concern,environmental concern and quality of the product on the attitude towards organic foodsand the end of research show that health concern, environmental concern and quality ofthe product are the most commonly stated motives for purchasing organic foods.
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