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Title: The impact of gender differences and LMR of superior and subordinator on employees’ partnership in appearl sector in Kandy district: subordinators’ perspective
Authors: Rathnaweera R.W.A.L.
Keywords: Employee Partnership
Gender Differences,
Labor management relations
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SEUSL
Abstract: Employee partnership, gender differences and LMR are three important concepts inthe management, especially human resource management. Gender difference is a factorwhich is affecting to determine employee partnership in an organization. Employee’spartnership mean relationship between superiors and subordinators. In the availableliterature in Sri Lanka, there are no theoretical and empirical evidences to find out theimpact of gender differences and labor management relations to determine theemployee partnership in the situation of superior — subordinator relationship. Therefore,the problem of the study is: what is the impact of gender differences and labormanagement relations of superior and subordinators affect to determine the employeepartnership in the apparel sector in Sri Lanka. Then, the main objectives of the studyare to identify the nature of employee partnership between gender differences and toidentify the nature of employee partnership between LMR.The type of investigation of this study is correlation and this is a field study. None ofvariables are controlled or manipulated. The cross sectional time method is hired togather the data and the unit of the study is individual subordinators in the apparel sector.Questionnaire is the method used to collect the data and non — probability sampling,judgmental sampling is the sampling strategy used to collect the data. Data wereanalyzed using SPSS and reliability analysis, frequency, descriptive, univariate andbivariate analyses were used. 272 operational workers were selected as sample and 150workers were male and 122 were female. The major finding of the study is that there ispositive impact of gender differences and LMR to determine the employee partnershipin the workers.
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