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dc.contributor.authorSrikanthan, S.-
dc.contributor.authorJeevasuthan, S.-
dc.identifier.citation9th South Eastern University International Arts Research Symposium -2020 on " Global Dimension of Social Sciences and Humanities through Research and Innovation". 19h January 2021. South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka. p.109en_US
dc.description.abstractWater is vital for life and its availability is the prominent indicator for human and social development. This proposed study on water security develops an existing research phenomenon as water remains at the nexus of various global issues including health, hunger, domestic violence and economic growth of nations. This is an attempt to precise the different views, issues and management strategies on water of multi-stakeholders through the approach of participatory action research.The issues like as water shortage, over usage, over extraction, declining quality in drinking water have formed a gossamer that links every aspect of our human life as well as made risk social environment in Jaffna. The government, civil society, businesses and householders have been exercising various pragmatic strategies used to overcome the issues on water over the years. However, the problems related to water seems to be increasing. In this milieu, this preliminary investigati on is carried out to consolidate the perspectives that are scattering in diverse groups representing the Nallur Divisional Secretariat. The data was collected through conducting world cafe with various stakeholders of Nallur Division at different levels. The result of this study focuses on the followings: the interface between water and people is multifaceted sensation; issues related towater interconnected to their all aspects of life that means not only health but also economic, social, political and culture; public awareness on managing their water and common policy on water management for Northern province enacted at local govern as well as central government level must be forwarded to sustainable social development of the region.en_US
dc.publisherFaculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries9th South Eastern University International Arts Research Symposium – SEUIARS 2020;-
dc.subjectWater Security,en_US
dc.subjectParticipatory action research,en_US
dc.subjectWater related issues,en_US
dc.titleMulti-stakeholders’ perspective on water security in Nallur D.S. Division: a study through participatory action researchen_US
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