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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-27Determination of quality of coconut oil manufactured in Ampara district with selected quality parametersFathima Sajeetha, M. C.; Abdul Majeed, U. L.; Mohamed Asmath, A. M.
2021-07-27Towards robust ubicomp: a comprehensive review on the grand challenges of ubiquitous computingBoralessa, G.W.Y.S.; Samarasinghe, K.W.A.H.; Ahamed, T.N.; Shafana., A.R.F.
2021-07-27Automated software testing and tool selection: case study based on security testing of Popular E-commerce applications in MalaysiaNaja, M.M.F.; Shafana, A.R.F.; Musfira, A.F.
2021-07-27Users’ perception towards the usage of ‘athan’ app in Sri Lanka through the lens of the Technology acceptance model (TAM)Musfira, A.F.; Naja, M.M.F.; Shafana, A.R.F.
2021-06-27Impact of interactive whiteboards in academic activitiesRuksana, S.L. Fathima.
2021-07-27Establishment of sensory evaluation panel for a biscuits manufacturing industrySachinthani, V. P. N.; Abdul Majeed, U. L.; Rajapaksha, S.; Nashath, M. N. F.
2021-07-27Evaluation of physico-chemical characteristics of locally available broken rice as feed ingredients for poultryMohamed Thariq, M. G.; Rathnayaka, R. M. P. P.
2021-07-27Use of delta-d technology to prevent paddy straw burning and to produce paddy straw powder in the paddy field which can be used as organic fertiliser and a low cost, renewable fuel for thermal and electrical power generationPerera, S. A. S.; Aadhil, M. F. H. M.
2021-07-27Electrophysiological and behavioural responses of coconut black beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros L.) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to selected plant volatilesNeranjana, T. B. K. H.; Kumara, A. D. N. T.; Wijesekara, H. T. R.; Ranaweera, B.
2021-07-27OPD-PMMAS: Patient Management and mobile alert System for OPDs in Sri Lankan Hospitals-a prototypeAkmal Jahan, M.A.C.; Subodha, Rathnayake; Kalansuriya., Madhureka.; Faarija, Subair.