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Title: Automated software testing and tool selection: case study based on security testing of Popular E-commerce applications in Malaysia
Authors: Naja, M.M.F.
Shafana, A.R.F.
Musfira, A.F.
Keywords: Software Automation,
Test Automation,
E commerce Security,
Software Quality,
Automated Testing Tools.
Issue Date: 27-Jul-2021
Publisher: Faculty of Technology, SEUSL.
Citation: 1st International Conference- 2021 on Science and Technology,27th July 2021, SEUSL, University Park, Oluvil, #32360, Sri Lanka.pp.215-223
Series/Report no.: 1st International Conference;
Abstract: Advancements in software engineering and software development processes have paved the way for the introduction of new processes and the use of advanced tools for these processes. Automation of software processes and the use of automated tools have gained popularity in the recent past. Thus, the use of automated tools for software testing in ensuring the quality of a software system or application has also found a reach in recent times. Although the importance of these tools has been studied by various researchers in the field, a lack of knowledge on the selection of tools among the practitioners is a challenge. It is because of the availability of an abundant number of tools and the absence of clarity about the tools. Hence this study primarily focuses on investigating the automated tools while trying to identify the better tools for security testing of applications or systems. For this purpose, five e-commerce applications that are popular in Malaysia have been chosen. Also, five tools identified after a thorough study on the tools available for executing automated testing have been used to identify the best tool out of the chosen ones. Although the research work involves studying e-commerce applications available in Malaysia, this research at no instance intends to analyze the applications, rather the tools only.
URI: 9786245736171
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