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Title: Conceptualizing sex and gender
Authors: Riswan, M.
Keywords: Sex
Social Construction
Issue Date: Oct-2021
Publisher: - Dr. Kavitha G. N. faculty, Centre for Women’s Studies, Jnanabharathi campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore
Citation: Journal of Research & Development' A Multidisciplinary International Level Referred and Peer Reviewed Journal, Volume-12, Issue-13 p. 1-7.
Abstract: Many Concepts Of Sex, Gender And Sexuality, And Related Theories Arose In Social Sciences And Medical Science, Clinical Psychology, Physiology And Biological Science Over The Decades. The Concepts ‘Sex’ And ‘Gender’ Denote Two Different Characters Or Identities. Sex Indicates Physiologicalstructures That Differentiate Males And Females. The Idea Of Gender Represents Social And Cultural Norms That Sharpen The Behavior For Masculine And Feminine. The Term Sex And Gender Often Do Not Have Syncretic Nature. And An Individual Who Obviously Classify With The Opposing Gender Are Designatedas Transgender. This Chapter Aimed To Explain The Key Terms ‘Sex’ And ‘Gender’ In Sociological Perspective Through Various Arguments And, Conceptual And Theoretical Contribution Forwarded By The Scholars, Academics, Scientist And Feminist Writers. It Tries To Give A Basic And Essential Understanding To The Readers, Researchers And Students Those Need The Ideas On Sex, Gender And Sexuality, Masculine, Feminine And Transgender, As Well As Gender Roles, Gender Identity, And Social Constructionism Of Gender Through Sociological Lens.
ISSN: 2230-9578
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