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Title: Mapping of Sri Lankan Road Signs by Using Google Street View Images
Authors: Kiridana, Y.M.W.H.M.R.P.J.R.B.
Weerarathna, P.L.M.
Wijesingha, W.P.D.Y.
Kumara, W.G.C.W.
Haleem, M.A.L.A.
Aashiq, M.N.M.
Keywords: Google Street View (GSV)
Google Directions API
intelligent transportation systems
machine learning
road sign detection and identification
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2022
Publisher: Dept. of Industrial Management, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya
Citation: International Research Conference in Smart Computing and Systems Engineering (SCSE): 2022; pp:190-195
Abstract: The development of autonomous vehicle driving systems and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) have been able to draw massive attention since the 1980s. For the development of ITS, road sign detection and identification are considered to be very important due to the vital information provided by road signs. Generally, real-time video-based methods are used as the source of images for the operation of ITS. But they are inefficient and costly due to certain limitations like weather conditions, lighting conditions, and limited range in obtaining quality images. To overcome those limitations of the video-based approach, this research aims on developing techniques for the detection and identification of road signs by using Google Street View (GSV) as the image source, OpenCV for image processing and CNN for road sign identification. EdleNet, LeNet-5, and DenseNet were identified as accurate CNN models. By using images from GSV, it was possible to generate a database of road signs with the relevant coordinates, which is currently unavailable in Sri Lanka. In addition, this process leads to the generation of a valuable image dataset of Sri Lankan road sign images, and a web interface with mapped road signs. Consequently, this research would yield useful findings that may be applied to future research and provide the means to develop ITS, accident-avoidance systems, and driver assistance systems.
ISSN: 2613-8662
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