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Title: Internet of things (IOT) enabled food technologies: a systematic review approach
Authors: Mohamed Nafrees, Abdul Cader
Abdul Majeed, U. L
Kariapper, Rifai
Razith, Suhail
Pirapuraj, Ponnampalam
Keywords: IoT
Food technology
Security issues
Systematic review
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2021
Publisher: Faculty of Technology, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Sri Lankan Journal of Technology (SLJoT), 2(2); pp. 6-13.
Abstract: —Information and communication technology provide tremendous services to all the sectors including food technologies. On the other hand, this world fighting against hunger, food wastes, and nutrition-less food. There are much more technologies increase not only the profitability but also quality and production rate. IoT technologies use by the food technologies in many countries for food safety, transportation, packaging, temperature monitoring, nutrition analysis, and find the defective foods using IoT devices and applications via smart phones and computers in real time. This study mainly focused on IoT in food technologies in terms of the food production, security issues and possible solutions for those issues. For that, a systematic literature review was conducted and analyzed using qualitative method. Findings confirmed that, IoT and relevant technologies positively provide its full support to increase the demand and quality of food production process. Meanwhile, data privacy issues and provide immediate technical solutions were the major security issues faced by those IoT devices and application. In addition to that, none of the articles found conducted in Sri Lanka related to this study and none of the studies found related to IoT, Food technology Food-destroying robes. Apart from these all, this study suggested developing IoT systems and applications based on cloud computing to drive away from the food-destroying robes. Finally, it is planning to conduct a statistical analysis to find the expectations of food scientists, food production industrialists, and farmers. This paper purely based on past research works from famous Journals and conferences.
ISSN: 2773-6970
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