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Title: Review of home garden as an economic approach
Authors: Seyida Afreen, Seyid Mohamed Moulana
Rasmiya Begum, Sulaima Lebbe
Seyida Himaya, Seyid Mohamed Moulana
Keywords: Cost Benefit Analysis
Food Security
Home Garden
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2021
Publisher: Faculty of Technology, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Sri Lankan Journal of Technology (SLJoT), 2(2) pp. 20-26.
Abstract: Over the years, there has been a developing enthusiasm to fortify and heighten nearby food creation to relieve the unfriendly impact of worldwide food stuns. The household garden was neglected by macroeconomics over time. Supportable creation and great financial conditions can be accomplished by home planting. Thusly, there is a lot of consideration in the direction of home gardens using a technique toward upgrade family unit foodstuff safety plus money. Despite the importance, the economic contribution is one of the least studied area regarding home gardening. A theoretical approach from all the available published international and national level papers was reviewed regarding home gardens definitions, attributes and afterwards gives a worldwide study of their social, financial, and environmental commitments to the host communities. Improving the fitness of humans, enhancing food and dietary security and social value, and gender orientation balance are given as social benefits of home gardening. The valuation shows that producing from the home garden is more beneficial than spending money on food from the market. The cost-benefit analysis is cost-effective when family members are used as labours. The household members earn more money by the trade of both urban and rural home garden products in most probably developing countries. However, while accentuating numerous advantages, we also feature few limitations like the absence of water accessibility, lack of capital, atmosphere vulnerability, and market disappointment in their development. The review gives consolidated information on the home garden as an economical approach. Even though better selection of harvests and diverse land use designs received cause them to endure and continue with their creation. From this review, the exciting knowledge on the economic importance of home gardening will be concentrated on the youth.
ISSN: 2773-6970
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