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Title: Changes made in growth of road transportation in the urban development in Galle Kadawath Sathara (காலி கடவத் ஸதர பிரதேச நகர அபிவிருத்தியில் வீதிப்போக்குவரத்து வளா்ச்சியினால் ஏற்பட்ட மாற்றங்கள்)
Authors: Zinha, M.T.F.
Kaleel, M.I.M
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2013
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium 2013, pp. 45-50
Abstract: Abstract: Transportation is most important to full fill the public’s needs and wants to encourage business activities among the people. Since Stone Age period transportation is not complete and very poor development in this world and difficult to transferring the people and services to another place that time. But, now a day’s transportation achieved top development level with better transport networks. Road transportation is one of the important factors in the transportation. According to this transportation, most of the city place faced major development changes and providing better services to people. According to this research study, Galle Kadawath sathara is research area and this particular place is centre part of the Galle. Here, roads are getting fast growing development earlier. Most of the roads are connect with Galle district and it’s engaged with other cities and districts in Sri Lanka. The research objectives are clearly identified to response of idea to this problems and essentially this research will be carried out base on the identified objectives to take ideas and solution. According this research study, the objectives are to identify the Galle Kadawath sathara social economical and environmental changes by road transportation development, to measure basic and current situation of the road transportation in urban development and to identify the critical factors and problems of the road transportation to this road transportation growth. This research data collection method is generally based on the type of the research objectives and the type of the data required. The data could be divided into two major elements as primary data and secondary data. Primary data is obtained from interviews, observation and discussion. To get interviews from public country planners, engineers, drivers and pedestrians for this primary data. Secondary data is the data which is a already available for through Divisional secretariat, RDA journals, research articles, books and internet access. In this study data and information has been gathered using both methods of data collection. According to this research study conclusions and findings, Galle district is one of the major population areas and it has narrow short land for livings. Here most of the roads are divided though A, B, C, D types to transport. These types of road transport development make major changes on transportation. Vehicle amounts are increasingly by this transportation and road development. According to this transportation development most of the areas affected by environmental pollution and increasing vehicle traffic problems in day today, There pollute activities are affected on Galle Kadawath sathara people. IVHS, traffic management measure and other methods are best managing planning for decrease these problems through the urban development and road transportation. Such methods we will reach the better target on based road development and transportation activities in this Galle Kadawath Sathara urban area.
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