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Title: Design a cluster based smart micro-grid control algorithm via HVDC line
Authors: Jayasekara, M. J. A. M. S. S.
Kariapper, M. H. M. S.
Juhaniya, A. I. S.
Aashiq, M. N. M.
Keywords: Micro Grid
Transient condition
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Citation: 8th ITUM Research Symposium 2021 on "Broadening Horizons" pp. 115-119.
Abstract: Electrical energy is one of the most important commodities in today’s world. It is important to match electricity supply with demand to provide a reliable power supply because of unpredictable increase in electricity consumption. Instead of building a large power supply system anda HVAC transmission line, a smart micro-grid and a HVDC transmission line can be seen as a promising option for remote installations. This research was to design a cluster based smart microgrid and develop a control algorithm to transfer power between two microgrids via HVDC line. These microgrids can operate in both grid-connected mode and off-grid connected mode. Rather than using a conventional HVAC transmission line, a HVDC line was used to enable power transmission between microgrids. The entire microgrid system is simulated in the MATLAB Simulink platform and the results are analyzed.The simulation model of the microgrid includes the Solar panel, Micro Hydro, Battery Bank, critical loads and non-critical loads. The performance of the system is analyzed under the two different transient conditions and the simulation results are verified.
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