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Title: Polarization control algorithms for coherent QPSK optical transmission.
Authors: Juhaniya, A. I. S.
Keywords: QPSK
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: SAITM, Malabe, Sri Lanka
Citation: International Research Symposium on Engineering Advancements 2016
Abstract: This research “Polarization Control in Coherent QPSK Optical Transmission” mainly aims to analyze and modify the existing polarization control algorithms, non data aided algorithm(CMA) and a data- aided decision-directed algorithm (DPC-CMA, ORIGINAL (ODDA) & MODIFIED (MDDA)) intended for high control speed, low complexity, phase noise and modulation format tolerance in future 100GbE transmission. It was simulated and analyzed CMA and the extended DPC-CMA for QPSK signals. These algorithms work under certain conditions, low cross talk and limited range of transmitting signal amplitude. The DPC-CMA showed improved performance compared to CMA. It increases polarization control speed by enabling common carrier recovery through differential phase compensation and it improves the BER performance of the algorithms comparable to the existing polarization control algorithms using VPIphotonic and Matlab softwares.
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