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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Embracing Industry 4.0 - guidelines for managersNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2017Fintech and Digital Marketplace: Turning Awareness Action of Asian CountriesNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2020-06Impact of consumer attitudes on online advertising: hotel industry in Sri LankaAyoobkhan, Ahamed Lebbe Mohamed; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Haleem, Athambawa
2017-11-15The introduction of flipped classroom: an innovative approach to transfer knowledgeThowfeek, Mohamed Hussain; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2019Knowledge management strategic enablers in higher education institutions in Sri LankaKaldeen, Mubarak; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2016Real time bus tracking and scheduling system using wireless sensor and mobile technologyAbdul Haleem, Sulaima Lebbe; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2018Sri Lankan customers’ behavioural intention to use mobile banking: a structural equation modelling approachNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Yamin, Fadhilah Bt Mat
2020-01Student entrepreneurs' intention to adopt social media as a business platform: a Sri Lankan studyNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Mubarak, Kaldeen
2017-07-11Students’ perspectives on use behaviour of learning management systems in Sri Lankan universitiesNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Rashida, Mohamed Fathima; Sameem, M.A.M.
2016Undergraduates’ adoption of online banking in Sri LankaMadumanthi, Inushka; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
2018Undergraduates’ use behavior of learning management systems: a Sri Lankan perspectiveRashida, Mohamed Fathima; Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Sameem, M.A.M.
2017-11-15What decides the usage of accounting information systems? An SMEs’ perspective in the Eastern province of Sri LankaNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Hasmy, Abdul Jabbar Mohamed