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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fabric defect detection using variance and intensity analysisNaleer, H. M. M.; Senarathne, D. N.
2019-11-07Face-recognition billboard display to target advertisement with gender and age recognizingFonseka, G. W. I. R.; Naleer, H. M. M.
2017-01-17Facilitating vocabulary learning in teaching English as a second language in Sri Lanka: a comparative studyMahroof, S. Rifa
2014-12Factor affecting investment decision on computerized accounting system - special reference to small and medium enterprisesKaluarachchi, Ganeesha Priyangika; Jahfer, Athambawa; Haleem, Athambawa
2019Factor analysis of negative social impacts of tourismNisthar, S.
2015-12-22Factors affect cross selling of dwelling house and personal accident insurance for private motor car policyholders in Sri LankaMuthusamy, V; Fernando, K.D.U.D
2015-12-22Factors affect occupational stress: with special reference to a leading apparel manufacturer in Sri LankaJinani Ranasinghe, P.P.C; Manori, P. Kovilage
2015-11-18Factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students: special reference to Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri LankaPriyankaraa, M.D.C.; Hilal, M. I. M.
2021-01-19Factors affecting archaeological and heritage sites in AnuradhapuraBithushan, I.; Sivananthamoorthy, K.; Fahim, M. I. M.; Balamurali, N.
2014Factors affecting capital structure decision (empirical evidence from Sri Lanka listed companies)sheham, A. M; Samzun Niharah, M. M; Department Of Accountancy & Finance
2013-10-01Factors affecting competitive rivalry of rice shop owners: multiple regression analysisIsmail, M.B.M
2017-11-15Factors affecting consumer conformity behavior in virtual communities; with special reference to generation “Y” in Sri LankaPiumali, P.L.W.G.S.D.; Rathnayake, D.T.
2015-11-18Factors affecting customers’ decision towards the adoption of internet Banking: reference to the customers in Colombo cityMirzan, Shahul Hameed
2020Factors affecting ethnic harmony between Sinhalese and Muslim communities in post-war Sri Lanka: a study based on South Eastern University of Sri LankaRazick, Ahamed Sarjoon; Fowsar, Mohamed Anifa Mohamed; Mihilar, Abdul Kalik
2017-12-07Factors affecting job stress among IT professionals in apparel industry: a case study in Sri LankaArsakularathna, W.N.; Perera, S.S.N.
2014-08-02Factors affecting mobile phone brand preference: empirical study on Sri Lankan university studentsRiyath, Mohamed Ismail Mohamed; Musthafa, Sulaima Lebbe
2017-11-15Factors affecting occupational safety and health management system: special reference to cement industries at the Mandalay industry zone in MyanmarNwe, Hla Lay; Athambawa, S.
2017-07-10Factors affecting occupational safety and health management system: special reference to cement industries at the Mandalay industry zone in MyanmarNwe, Hla Lay
2014Factors affecting on academic performance of undergraduate students special reference to Faculty of commerce and management South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL)Mujahid Hilal, M. I; Priyankara, M. D. Chanaka; Department Of Accountancy & Finance
2012-05-25Factors affecting on buying behaviour: an empirical study in life assurance market in Sri LankaFernando, W.W.S.N.; Perera, D.A.M.