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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fabric defect detection using variance and intensity analysisNaleer, H. M. M.; Senarathne, D. N.
2019-11-07Face-recognition billboard display to target advertisement with gender and age recognizingFonseka, G. W. I. R.; Naleer, H. M. M.
2017-01-17Facilitating vocabulary learning in teaching English as a second language in Sri Lanka: a comparative studyMahroof, S. Rifa
2014-12Factor affecting investment decision on computerized accounting system - special reference to small and medium enterprisesKaluarachchi, Ganeesha Priyangika; Jahfer, Athambawa; Haleem, Athambawa
2019Factor analysis of negative social impacts of tourismNisthar, S.
2015-12-22Factors affect cross selling of dwelling house and personal accident insurance for private motor car policyholders in Sri LankaMuthusamy, V; Fernando, K.D.U.D
2015-12-22Factors affect occupational stress: with special reference to a leading apparel manufacturer in Sri LankaJinani Ranasinghe, P.P.C; Manori, P. Kovilage
2023-03-07Factors affect to effective inventory management system in the University in Sri Lanka: with special reference to University of JaffnaGaneshalingam, M.
2015-11-18Factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students: special reference to Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri LankaPriyankaraa, M.D.C.; Hilal, M. I. M.
2021-01-19Factors affecting archaeological and heritage sites in AnuradhapuraBithushan, I.; Sivananthamoorthy, K.; Fahim, M. I. M.; Balamurali, N.
2014Factors affecting capital structure decision (empirical evidence from Sri Lanka listed companies)sheham, A. M; Samzun Niharah, M. M; Department Of Accountancy & Finance
2022-03-30Factors affecting climate change adaptation among paddy farmers in coastal area of Ampara districtNarmilan, A.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Asmiya, A.; Santhirakumar, S.
2013-10-01Factors affecting competitive rivalry of rice shop owners: multiple regression analysisIsmail, M.B.M
2017-11-15Factors affecting consumer conformity behavior in virtual communities; with special reference to generation “Y” in Sri LankaPiumali, P.L.W.G.S.D.; Rathnayake, D.T.
2015-11-18Factors affecting customers’ decision towards the adoption of internet Banking: reference to the customers in Colombo cityMirzan, Shahul Hameed
2020Factors affecting ethnic harmony between Sinhalese and Muslim communities in post-war Sri Lanka: a study based on South Eastern University of Sri LankaRazick, Ahamed Sarjoon; Fowsar, Mohamed Anifa Mohamed; Mihilar, Abdul Kalik
2017-12-07Factors affecting job stress among IT professionals in apparel industry: a case study in Sri LankaArsakularathna, W.N.; Perera, S.S.N.
2014-08-02Factors affecting mobile phone brand preference: empirical study on Sri Lankan university studentsRiyath, Mohamed Ismail Mohamed; Musthafa, Sulaima Lebbe
2017-11-15Factors affecting occupational safety and health management system: special reference to cement industries at the Mandalay industry zone in MyanmarNwe, Hla Lay; Athambawa, S.
2017-07-10Factors affecting occupational safety and health management system: special reference to cement industries at the Mandalay industry zone in MyanmarNwe, Hla Lay