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Title: Impact of hostel students’ satisfaction on their academic performance in Sri Lankan universities
Authors: Mansoor, UL
Hussain Ali, M.A.M
Keywords: Hostel Students’ Satisfaction
Hostel Facilities
Academic Performance
University Hostel
Eastern Province
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri- Lanka, Oluvil, Sri- Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of 5th International Symposium 2015 on " Emerging Trends and Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research, pp. 43-46
Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of hostel students’ satisfaction on their academic performance in Sri Lankan Universities. The selected sample for the study contained 367 final year hostel students from two universities in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka using random sampling method. A questionnaire survey was administered. The level of measuring variables was interval and the relevant statistical techniques for these measures were univariate analysis, and bivariate analysis. One hypothesis was tested to assess the empirical relationships among variables. The overall average hostel student’s satisfaction was 3.29 with significantly greater P values and the average GPA of the hostel students was 3.054 with significantly greater than the normal pass. Looking at the overall association among the variables it was observed that there is a significant positive correlation between the student’s GPA and overall satisfaction factors (r.= 0.632). Finally, these findings may lead to making some recommendations to improve the present level of satisfaction of students in hostels which might lead to an increase in their academic performance.
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