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Title: Implementation of the concept of Fikh Al Awlaviya in Muslim minority countries a preliminary study based on Sri Lankan muslim community
Other Titles: பிக்ஹ் அல் அவ்லவியாவை முஸ்லிம் சிறுபான்மை நாடுகளில் நடைமுறைப்படுத்துதல் இலங்கை முஸ்லிம் சமூகத்தை மையப்படுத்திய சில முற்குறிப்புக்கள்
Authors: Aliyar, A.B.M
Habeebullah, M.T
Keywords: Sharia
Fikh al Awlaviya
Muslim minority
Maslha Al Mursalah
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2014
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil #32360, Sri Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of 4th International Symposium 2015 on " Emerging Trends and Challenges on Sustainable Development”, p. 81
Abstract: The concept of Fikh al Awlaviya is an important concept of Islamic sharia that is mostly discussed in contemporary world, especially in Muslim minority countries. The Fikh al Awlaviya categorized the Sharia affairs considering the placement of values system In the earlier period, it was called ―categorizing of Deeds‖ 27 The Islamic law consists of the fundamental sources of Holy Quran and the traditions of prophet Mohammed (sal) and also includes the secondary sources which are not against the law of Sharia that were made by the way of Ijdihath. Prioritizing fikh has given rise to a state of confusion among the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. As such there is inefficiency in the smooth functioning of Dawa activities causing a negative impact on the Muslim community. As a result, this has caused clash of opinions and conflict among the pluralistic society. Through this study, the researcher aims to provide knowledge on the priority of fikh in Sharia perspective, It is significant and a need in a minority country to identify the challenges during the implementation of this concept. The researcher used qualitative research methodology. The primary data was collected through interview and observation and secondary data from books, magazine, newspaper and web sites. The findings reveal that the concept of priority is not popular in Muslim community in Sri Lanka and there is confusion among the people in understanding the concept. Therefore this research will provide some guidance and basic knowledge in this area with strategies to overcome challenges of this concept.
ISBN: 978-955-627-053-2
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