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Title: Psychological influence of ‘out-of-school activities on young adolescent’s perceptions (study based on Chennai city only)
Authors: Sambasivan, E.
Keywords: Young adolescent stress
Perceptions of young adolescent
Out of school activities.
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2016
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce- (SEUSL).
Citation: 5th Annual International Research Conference- 2016, on “Value addition evidence based innovation from management sciences to society" , pp 249- 258.
Abstract: The biological event of puberty unleashes a powerful set of changes in the adolescent body that reflect themselves in a teenager’s sexual, complete cognitive, language, social, emotional, cultural, and/or spiritual passion. Adolescence passion thus represents a significant touchstone for anyone who is seeking to reconnect with their deepest inner zeal for life. This is when the abilities are developed, and this development is based on the learning experience from both inside and outside home. Today, the world has become increasingly competitive, dynamic and multifaceted. This has led to the development of children’s abilities through structured activities and classes, which is becoming more popular and mind boggling, in addition to regular or formal education. This design was used to gather information about the young adolescents participating and also those not participating in ‘out-of-school’ activities. Efforts have been taken by the researcher to scrutinize the available resources and list the various activities available for the young adolescents. Questionnaire method is adopted for data collection and statistical tools used for analysis include Mean, Ranking and ANOVA. Data is interpreted and ideas for maintaining out of school activities in young adolescent are suggested in the conclusion.
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