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Title: Analysis of software testing challenges in Sri Lankan context
Authors: Fathima Musfira, A
Shakir, MFM
Fathima Munsifa, A
Keywords: Software Testing Challenges
Quality Assurance
QA issues
Issue Date:  12
Publisher: Faculty of Applied Sciences, South eastern University of Sri lanka
Citation: Proceedings of Fifth Annual Science Research Sessions 2016 on "Enriching the Novel Scientific Research for the Development of the Nation" pp.38-44
Abstract: Software products are becoming so extraordinarily adopted. Software testing is an important component of software quality assurance (QA), and many software organizations are spending up to 40% of their resources on testing. For life-critical software (e.g., flight control) testing can be highly expensive. For other software like hotel management system testing can be less expensive. But testing and an efficient quality assurance is must for all software products. Because of the importance of testing, many studies about risk analysis and software testing have been made. These term mean the probability that a software project will experience undesirable events, such as schedule delays, cost overruns, or outright cancellation. Developers deserve specific testing approaches for their verification and validation. This research paper analyses the challenges and the problems faced by software developers in testing phase of development cycle in Sri Lankan context by going through these following criteria .The challenges and on testing software applications, Actions taken by Information Technology (IT) companies to overcome those challenges, And the prediction of new ways to overcome some of software testing challenges. We have done this research by getting a survey from well experienced Quality Assurance (QA) engineers, developers and software engineers from various Information Technology (IT) companies across the Sri Lanka
ISBN: 9.78956E+12
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