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Title: Algorithm based automatic music chord recognition for organ
Authors: Gamage, UDH
Naleer, HMM
Keywords: Chords
Music Notation
Frequency spectrum
Issue Date:  12
Publisher: Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri lanka
Citation: Proceedings of Fifth Annual Science Research Sessions 2016 on "Enriching the Novel Scientific Research for the Development of the Nation" pp.97-103
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the automatic analysis of music chords from a piece of recorded audio played by an organ. The goal of this study was to design a program that recognize and display the chords present in recorded musical pieces which played by organ instrument automatically, so ease the identification of chords rather than using conventional method like taking down music chords by listening to the piece of music and write down the music notation. Thus the developed algorithm incorporates chords and knowledge about the common frequencies of chord changes. The algorithm consists with three main stages. First a frequency spectrum is acquired for a given signal. Next, an array of notes per time is built and then it converts to binary. Finally those notes converted in to binaries are used to extract the chords in the given piece of music.
ISBN: 9.78956E+12
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