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Title: GPS Based medi –safe application using android devices
Authors: Kirushalini, M
Naleer, HMM
Keywords: Eclipse
Medical application
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2016
Publisher: Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri lanka
Citation: Proceedings of Fifth Annual Science Research Sessions 2016 on "Enriching the Novel Scientific Research for the Development of the Nation" pp.272-280
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility of creating an android application which provides its users with a more efficient way of managing their medical needs than existing application. The project looks at existing applications and sees what they are lacking on and how this project could improve on their mistakes. The project tries to provide a more efficient platform for doctors to communicate with patients and also implement other features which are not very common to give the application an edge over existing applications. The application developed in this project was developed in Eclipse. The application uses a Sub Query Language database to store user information such as their personal information, medications and appointments. It allows users to find doctors and add them as contacts or make an appointment and allows the user to search for doctors by their name or by location. Finding doctors by location is a very efficient way of finding doctors as the user can find doctors in their area. Unlike most medical applications this application allows patients to book appointment without having to talk to the doctor. The doctors can fill out appointment slots they want to be available and then the user can come along and book one of those appointment slots. This application also provides the users with scheduling tools which allow the users to plan out their week relatively easy, they can enter in their medications and when they want to take them and application will be send them a notification.The result of this thesis is a fully functioning Android application which provides users with an efficient way to find and communicate with doctors, book medical events, and be reminded of medical events.
ISBN: 9789556271027
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