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Title: A study on factors influencing junk food buying behaviour of school going childrens in Chennai city.
Authors: Aancy, H. Mickle
Maran, K.
Keywords: Buying behavior
Junk foods
Product attributes
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2018
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Citation: 7th Annual International Research Conference - 2018, on “Enhancing green environment through innovative management approach", p.40.
Abstract: School going children’s is an important target market segment in the junk food. School going children’s exert a great amount of influence for various products. For junk foods, they are active information provider and buyers; whereas for other product categories, they influence purchases made by the parents. School going children’s often try to influence their parent's purchases of junk food items. Here we attempt to isolate those variables that determine the buying behavior of children. In this study on the age group between 9-14 years (from Chennai only-areas like Avadi, Ambattur, Anna nager, CMBT, T.Nager, Vadapalani) factors influencing children buying behavior. Here we also tried to find out the growing influence of commercial on kids. And, how they perceive about product attributes. With the help of the research this is interesting to know the fact that children tend to pay more attention to nutrition, hygienic conditions and food safety.
ISSN: 2536-8869
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