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Title: The middle ages and the evidence of Aquinas’s god: a philosophical analysis
Authors: Nesan, Pulenthiran
Keywords: Middle Age
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2019
Publisher: Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: 6th International Symposium 2019 on “Contemporary trends of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Studies for the nation development”. 12th December 2019. South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil, Sri Lanka. pp. 01-09.
Abstract: The main objective of this atudy is develop a philosophical analysis of the existence of St. Thomas Aquinas in the philosophy of God, especially in the philosophers who have gradually developed from Greek thought to christian philosophical thought. The main research problem of this study is that aquinas draws upon what matters from his own anbiguities and presents a concrete basis for his philosophical work. There was philosophical thought in Christian thought. The hypothesis of this study is the presence of philosophical thoghts in Christianity and Aquinas knows god as a philosophical viewpoint. Data are draw from Aquinas’s book and the earlier studies based on this study and this study uses some research methods such as the Comparative and Descriptive research methods. The concept of god is based on belief and it is difficult to form a solid rational basis. Here Thomas Aquinas seeks to establish the existence of god through his conception. His philosophical belief is based on philosophizing through his deep explanation of philosophical thought.
ISSN: 988-955-627-196-6
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