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Title: The impact of green marketing tools on consumer purchase intention and buying behavior (with special reference to Ampara District)
Authors: Hilal, M. I. M
Aththanayaka, A. M. S. U
Keywords: green marketing
Ampara district
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SEUSL
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Green Marketing on ConsumerPurchasing Intention Buying Behavior in Sri Lanka. .Also the aim of this research toget an idea whether consumer’s buying behavior on green marketing is positive or notand what are the most effective factor on consumer’s buying behavior on greenmarketing and what is the relationship between those factors and consumer’s buyingbehavior on green marketing. In this study, four independent variables were selected,eco-labeling, green branding and packaging, environmental advertisements andenvironmental concern and belifs.Consumer’s buying behavior on green marketing wasselected as dependent variable.This research was conducted in Ampara District area.All the consumer’s in Amapara District area was concerned as population of theresearch and 100 sample was selected for this study. Structured questionnaire was usedto collect data from the selected samples.Through the analysis, it was identified thatthere is a positive relationship between dependent variable and independent variables.Green marketing is a new concept. And also, it was identified eco-labeling and greenpackaging and branding has good significant impact on consumer’s buying behavioron green marketing than other two independent variables (environmentaladvertisements and environmental concern and beliefs).Also, among independentvariables eco-labeling and green packaging and branding have highest relationship withconsumer’s buying behavior on green packaging. This research is tried to attractconsumers for green marketing concept because it helps to protect our environment ina correct manner. There is increasing in eco awareness in urban consumers, but there isstill a need for extending and multiplying the same among more number of people.Researchers have also found that brands can also influence consumer behavior towardsecological product consumption. Also put forward that consumers have startedbecoming more conscious about being ecofriendly, this has furthermore resulted indemand for such eco-friendly products, and this in turn is offering companies a chanceto exploit the need and create a new market segment.
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