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Title: Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction : a study of the hotel industry of Sri Lanka
Authors: Hilal, M. I. M
Pathirana, L. P. E. R
Keywords: Purchase Intention
Marketing Mix
Product Mix
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SEUSL
Abstract: Purchase intention is one of important concepts in marketing management as well as inacademic research. Recognizing the factors that affect to customer’s purchase intentionof product or service is a challenge for a firm. With the literature background, thisresearch focuses to identify the relationship of marketing mix elements on purchaseintention. The entire population of the study was consisted all current customers whoare used International classic credit card service of Bank of Ceylon in Colombo area.Survey method was used as the research strategy and a self-administered, standardstructured questionnaire was distributed among respondents to collect data for thestudy. Hypothesis is tested by using multiple regression analysis and results showedthat marketing mix elements (product, place, promotion, physical environment andprocess.) effect on purchase intention of BOC credit card service. The researchemphasized as a results, Product Mix, Price Mix, Place Mix Promotion Mix, PeopleMix, Process mix and Physical Environment Mix significantly impact on PurchaseIntention of BOC credit card service and Findings of this study provide implicationsfor top managers to increase sales of BOC credit card service.
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