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Title: Factors influencing on the Academic performance of students in business education
Authors: Paranthaman, Thambirajah
Keywords: Students performance
Student commitment
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2014
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of the Second Annual Research Conference 2013 on "Emergence of Novelty in Business Management, pp 16- 26
Abstract: This study analyses the factors of students’ commitment and teaching context which influence on the academic performance of students. The study findings reveal that the students’ commitment, teaching context and students’ academic performance are in satisfactory level. Students’ commitment has positive moderate influence and teaching context have weak positive influence on the academic performance of students. The regression analysis shows that both students’ commitment and teaching context explain 21.4% of variation on the academic performance of students, while 78.6% of variation in the academic performance of students is unexplained by these both variables. These unexplained variations may be caused from personality, family background, prior knowledge, physical and psychological competencies, cognitive skills of students and learning habit etc. Therefore the teacher needs to improve present teaching context in alliance with personal factors of students in order to improve students’ learning in business education in a university.
ISSN: 2279-1280
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