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Title: Neutrality of technology
Authors: Mohamed Buhary, Murshid
Keywords: Technology
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2014
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of the Second Annual Research Conference 2013 on "Emergence of Novelty in Business Management, pp 9- 15
Abstract: Technology has been a recepient of blame since years back the way to date from antitechnologists while the pro technlogists safe gurad the notion of technology from the former having put foreward several aurgumentative points of worldly instances. The real comprehensive understanding of debate would let us wind it up with a conclusion that it is only the technology that has been allgedly accused, the truthfullness is that malicous exploitaion of technolology alone would be the root cause for this condition. However the negative conviction over the technological upliftment seems barely be eradicated and is likely to continue in future. We can be of linear extrapolation to derive into the fact being technology of not born with irregularities or misconceptions, but the humanistic elements. Nonetheless , being eduactionists it is a great responsibility of every one to dissemnitae the correctful ideology.
ISSN: 2279-1280
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