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Title: A case study of association between diabetic and job stress
Authors: Nafrees, A.C.M
Razmy, A.M
Keywords: Diabetic mellitus, Job stress, BMI.
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2011
Publisher: South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium 2011 on Post-War Economic Development through Science, Technology and Management, p. 119
Abstract: Stress basically increases the sugar level in blood. In recent years, the complexities of the relationship between stress and diabetes have become well known. Some studies have suggested that stressful experiences might affect the onset and/or the metabolic control of diabetes, but findings have often been inconclusive. The cause of most disease cannot be enumerated, but factors that enhance the effect of the disease can be typically analyzed. In this study two different sample community, one was civil community from Sainthamaruthu public and other from the faculty of applied sciences, south eastern university of Sri Lanka were studied for the prevalence of diabetic mellitus and its association with job stress. The study result revealed that the prevalence of diabetic mellitus in the civil community whose age were greater than 34 years was 15.79 % and it was 26.42 % for the University community. 18 % of males and 13.5 % of females had diabetic but this association was not significant (P=0.596). There was 8.7 % high prevalence of diabetic among the people who do some jobs than unemployed or house wives but this percentage is not statistically significant (p=0.270). No significant difference in BMI level for the diabetic and non diabetic were observed (p= 0.506). When the both parents had diabetic, then there was 60 % chance that the child also to get diabetic. When one of the parents had diabetic, than this chance was 25 %. It was found that the diabetic patients1 neck circumference was 1.45 cm higher than the normal people. (p=0.035).
ISBN: 9789556270020
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