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Title: Obstacles in using money-metric measurement to alleviate poverty - a Study of 8th Grama Niladhari Division, Nintavur Divisional Secretariat
Authors: Riswan, M.
Keywords: Divisional Secretariat
Alleviate Poverty
Issue Date: 4-Mar-2015
Publisher: Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Second International Symposium -2015, pp 134-138
Abstract: Poverty is the main cause for the suffering of mankind. It is an important aspect in Sociology, Economics as well as in many social sciences. These disciplines deal with the theories of poverty, causes of poverty, poverty measurement, poverty eradication and its importance in social, economic, cultural, educational and political life of human. Therefore, this paper basically considered the poverty alleviation approach especially, the “money-metric” measurement and its application in Nintavur Divisional Secretariat area, with special reference to the 8th Grama Niladhari division. This study tries to verify the Samurdhi program that is implemented to eradicate poverty from the country and to evaluate the government’s threshold for measuring poverty as well as its practical circumstances.
ISSN: 9789556270617
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