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Title: Impact of micro credit on poverty alleviation: a study based on Koralaipattu West, Oddamavadi Divisional Secretariat Division
Authors: Washima, M. N. F
Fairusa, M. I. F
Keywords: Microcredit
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2022
Publisher: Faculty of Arts and Culture South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil.
Citation: 11th South Eastern University International Arts Research Symposium on “Coping with Current Crisis for the Sustainable Development with Partners in Excellence” on 06th December 2022. South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil, Sri Lanka. pp. 10
Abstract: This study aims to analyse the impact of microcredit on poverty alleviation based on the Koralaipattu West, Oddamavadi divisional secretariat area. Sub-objective of this study are identify the relationship between micro credit, income, compare the beneficiaries, nonbeneficiaries of microcredit and identify the problems which are faced by microcredit and propose solutions to microcredit problems. Primary data were collected by structured questionnaire from the 150 beneficiaries. This study performed the descriptive analysis and multiple regression analysis to analyze the data by using MS Excel and SPSS software. This study found that there is a positive and significant correlation between microcredit and income. As well, the amount of total non- beneficiaries is higher than the beneficiaries. Further, this study concluded that microcredit has a low level of positive impact on poverty alleviation. Finally, this study suggested that interest rates should be maintained at a low level to reduce poverty. Mico credit beneficiaries should use their loan in useful ways. And also, poverty can be reduced through structural changes and savings and investments.
ISBN: 978-624-5736-64-5
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